Welcome to CMSM, LLC A full service sales management and merchandising company assisting you in the field of children's apparel on the wholesale and manufacturing side of the business.  Whatever your needs I will make sure to have you covered.  With my network of reps and contacts in the business I am able to help you with most aspects of your business of refer you to someone who can.

I have been in the wholesale childrenswear business since 1997 and have held positions as Director of Sales and Merchandising for a variety of companies.  In addition to my wholesale background I was on the retail side of the business since 1982.

CMSM, LLC was founded January 1, 2008 in order to provide consulting and to help more companies grow and maintain their current business.  With a background in retail buying and sales, I can help merchandise and streamline your collections. CMSM, LLC has the ability to reach many reps throughout the USA and Canada and is able to place almost all brands.  I specialize in working closely with both the manufacturer and the reps while keeping both sides of the business in mind, and helping to achieve the one thing you both want: a growing business.  My years of rep relationships throughout the United States and Canada allows me this direct contact.

In addition to the above, I have had the pleasure of working with many factories around the world, and can help guide you in your production placement, then refer your to a production specialist.  I have worked closely in the following countries for production: USA, Peru, Colombia, India and China. 

In 2015, myself along with 2 other industry veterans, Marilyn Klein and Denny Klein, launched the website  This B2B website is the culmination of many years of being in the children's business and relationship building. allows brands to sell back to retailers for a discounted rate, thus allowing stores and brands to continue to profit.  


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